About Us

BitCast Podcast by BitBitBloggist

Our Mission

At BitBloggist, we're dedicated to delivering casual, but topical video game and pop culture analysis to the masses through podcasts, videos, and written content. 

Our Story

Growing up as the middle child of three boys in the early 90's, you can bet your sweet bippy that video games were a part of our daily lives.

As we grew older, we continued to scrounge our cash together for the next best game systems and that trend continued into adulthood. 

BitBloggist was formed in May of 2015 as a passion-project where I could record some of the thoughts and everyday conversations I was having with close friends and family. It also helps that Chattanooga is a small, but flourishing tech-forward town, aptly named "Gig-City," for being one of the first cities to adopt gigabit fiberoptic internet. Basically, this town is full of a bunch of nerds.

We've expanded from written content, to podcasting, to then video content, and most recently, a weekly newsletter.

Now, three years later, we're at a little over 1,400 monthly subscribers to BitCast, and our co-host list keeps on growing! 

Why are we doing this?

Video Games and pop culture are inherently community-driven whether you believe it or not. We realized that because pop culture is now more mainstream than ever, it only makes sense that there is an audience that actually cares to hear what a few folks from Chattanooga, Tennessee have to say.

Our Audience

BitBloggist caters to the everyday nerd that wants to keep up with the most recent pop culture news, but may not have time to sort and read through all of the content out there. We cater to the kid inside of all of us that remembers the first video game they played, or the first movie they saw with a friend. 

Our Values

BitBloggist is a full-blown passion project, meaning, everything we've created was done so with our own time and resources. We haven't made any money (yet) doing all of this, because it's simply something we enjoy. 

A lot of video game-centric podcasts feature hosts and other guests of the like that might be a bit more mature for certain audiences. We strive to produce content that is high quality and family-friendly. So whether you're a parent tuning in stay up to date, or you're an avid consumer of pop culture, you can rest-assured knowing that we're working hard to provide the best of both worlds.