Game of the Month Club

It takes a lot to meet up with friends and have an in-depth conversation about a game that you’re all playing through. Let’s face it, talking over text just doesn’t cut it. The BitBloggist Game of the Month Club is a place for all gamers to come together and talk about the same game, all in once place. Each month, a new game will be chosen that all are welcome to pick up if they so choose. Most of the time, the game of choice will be a less costly indie game, so the barrier to entry is less.

You’re encouraged to chime in with your own thoughts on the game in the comments, because there’s a high chance we’ll include your comments on BitCast the following week. Every Saturday, there will be an updated impressions page detailing our experience in the game with light spoilers.

Speaking of spoilers, when you do comment on this page, we will be actively moderating for spoiler-posts, so please try to be mindful of those that haven’t beaten the game yet! We want to hear your thoughts, but do your best to leave out any potential spoilers. As always, thanks for tuning in, to talk about some stuff!