SNES Classic: One Month After Being Announced, Still No Pre-Order

It’s here - the Super NES Classic. You may have read my previous piece about the NES Classic and know that I can be a bit of a curmudgeon when it comes to Nintendo’s business decisions.

Available September 29th, 2017, the Super NES Classic launches at a price of $79.99 (US). In the box you will receive the system, two wired Super Nintendo Controllers, all necessary attachments, and 21 iconic, pre-loaded Super Nintendo games. 

Let’s look at this game list just real quick:

  • Contra III: The Alien Wars

  • Donkey Kong Country

  • EarthBound

  • Final Fantasy III

  • F-ZERO

  • Kirby Super Start

  • Kirby's Dream Course

  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

  • Mega Man X

  • Secret of Mana

  • Star Fox

  • Star Fox 2

  • Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting

  • Super Castlevania IV

  • Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts

  • Super Mario Kart

  • Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

  • Super Mario World

  • Super Metroid

  • Super Punch-Out!

  • Yoshi's Island


If you aren’t familiar with the SNES library, all you need to know is that these games are all masterpieces. I’m still in shock about the whole ordeal honestly. I REALLY want the SNES Classic. The SNES was the first console that my family owned, so therefore I have a stronger attachment to the system.

Regardless of how excited I am, I have a sinking feeling that something will undoubtedly go wrong with the US launch of this beautiful machine. 

For starters, the SNES Classic already had pre-orders go up pretty much everywhere, besides the US. Not a good start. I’m hoping the reason for this staggered pre-order is because they are being extra cautious with the US launch, but that’s unlikely. This is going to be another situation in which everyone is scrambling to get their hands on this stupid, wonderful, box, but can’t find one. 

SNES Mini.jpg

On a brighter note, it does look like Ebay is taking specific measures to combat scalpers from taking advantage of Nintendo’s inability to forecast correctly. Here’s to hoping people can’t make separate accounts… 

Nintendo has also come out and said that they will be supporting the launch of the SNES classic until December 2017. If you’re good at numbers, that’s 3 months. 3 FREAKING MONTHS to try and get your hands on one of the best collections of retro games to ever be released in a single package.  With the NES Classic, they actually had the same game plan but ended up continuing production past the New Year because GUESS WHAT, people actually wanted to buy them, and A LOT OF THEM! 

In all of this, I just can’t believe that Nintendo is retracing their missteps after receiving prominent feedback from the fans.

To add to the fervor of want for this system, you’re actually saving money when you invest in the SNES Classic as well. If you were to try and find all of these games in their original cartridges, you would be spending upwards of $800.00! In a better scenario, if Nintendo were to launch the virtual console rendition of these games, you would be spending close to $180.00 still! More than double what the SNES Classic costs at retail price. 

The date is currently July 26th and the SNES classic was announced on June 26th. A full month has gone by and we still have no information about pre-orders. Some people were able to secure some pre-orders from Wal-Mart, but immediately after had their orders cancelled by the retailer. Now, news has it that Target is going to be implementing some sort of reserve system, but we still don’t have any details on it. Shocker.

Regardless, each day when I do my normal news feed run-through, there is an ever-present sense of worry that the SNES Classic has gone on pre-order, and I’ve already missed the boat. The question remains; Will Nintendo actually do their customers a solid and provide enough supply? It could only be a matter of time until we’re angrily scouring the internet in search of something that should be easily attainable.

What are your thoughts? Am I just an angry nonsense talker who feels entitled? Or are you, like me, a huge supporter of Nintendo who just wants to see them experience continued success?