New Apex Legends Update Brings Mixed Reviews

Image credit:  Dextero

Image credit: Dextero

Respawn Entertainment just recently released their new solo mode for Apex Legends, and it is already a nightmare for those who truly enjoy the game.

Players have been begging Respawn to create a solo mode for quite some time. Now that Respawn has responded with the new Apex Solos mode, it’s easy to see that this will not be an aspect of the game that hardcore fans will stick to.

Image credit:  The Verge

Image credit: The Verge

Apex Legends is a battle royale game that focuses on team strategy between you and two other teammates. Each teammate has to choose a different legend to play as, and every legend has their own passive and ultimate abilities.

The new solo mode launched as a part of the Apex Legends Iron Crown Collection Event, which brought a load of new content into the game including: Double XP events, new loadouts for legends, new challenges, and an Octane-inspired redesign of a small area on the map.

Players are already throwing complaints back at Respawn about the solo mode and how it has reimagined the strategy of the game. Many have said that solo play encourages camping and waiting for the end of the game to make a move. In contrast, gameplay with three-person squads allows for more strategic moves and encourages more gunfights.

The solo mode also allows players to play as any of the legends, which means that there are primarily Pathfinders and Octanes zipping and sprinting around the map.

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EA has spoken on the release and stated that they are, “...committed to Apex Legends delivering a competitive, three-player squad experience” and will, “ and see what happens” with the new solo mode (