How Nintendo Could Fix Super Mario Party

Image credit:  Supper Mario Broth

Image credit: Supper Mario Broth

Let’s rewind to the 90’s when the N64 was stealing the hearts of many with it’s excellent multiplayer catalogue. 

The N64 was the KING at turning your average sleepover, into a raucous time. I can’t tell you how many hours were spent with friends between Mario Kart 64Pokemon Stadium 1&2Super Smash Bros, and you guessed it, Mario Party 1–3.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and we’re in a place where modern Mario Party Titles aren’t really all that fun.

So, before Super Mario Party is left out to die, here are a few things that I think could help give this game the extra boost it needs. 

Faster Gameplay

There’s a reason that most of us refuse to play Monopoly or Risk.

Image credit:  Philip Rau

Image credit: Philip Rau

The. Games. Take. Too. Long!

And just like Monopoly, Super Mario Party suffers from an incredibly slow rate-of-play. 

How to Speed up Super Mario Party?

  1. Let players set the amount of turns per match.

  2. Provide the option to speed up text or player movement.

  3. Allow people to remove cut scenes each time an event happens.

I can say with confidence that I would play more Super Mario Party if the games didn’t take as long as they do currently. 

Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.

In Monopoly, each player is making intentional purchasing decisions, counting money, scheming for the next hotel, trading, etc. 

In Mario Party, everything is digital, and the only real objective is to get coins, get stars, and play mini games. 


I appreciate the folks at Nintendo trying to change up gameplay by making each board’s objective different but, - I hate this saying, and don’t really agree with it - “if something ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

Super Mario Party Kamek's Tantalizing Tower.jpg

How can Super Mario Party be Simplified?

  1. Go back to standard board layouts.

  2. Make all stars cost 20 coins.

  3. Get rid of the “partners.”

  4. Get rid of the “special dice blocks.”


Nintendo is still a bit behind when it comes to their online functionality, but we’re at a place where DLC is pretty accessible and common. 

Mario Tennis, Splatoon 2, Smash Ultimate, and many other first-party Nintendo games have absolutely nailed it in the DLC department. I’d say it’s fair to want the same for Super Mario Party.

Super Mario Party Minigame.jpg

What Kind of DLC Should Mario Party Get?

  1. New boards

  2. New mini games

  3. New characters

Think about how much fun it would be to come back to Super Mario Party with new boards, games and characters? It would almost be like you’ve just picked up a new board game! Nintendo could even monetize this DLC, and many people, (myself included), would happily shell out 10 to 15 bucks.

I’m sure there are other changes that could help make Super Mario Party the ULTIMATE Mario Party, but this is what I immediately thought of. 

What changes do you think Super Mario Party could use?