Jake's 2019 Gaming Resolutions

1. Finish one game before I move on to the next (Unless that game isn’t fun)

2018 might go down as one of the best years in gaming history, bringing us titles like Red Dead Redemption 2, Smash Bros Ultimate, Marvel’s Spider-Man, God of War, Celeste, Monster Hunter World, and a plethora of other excellent indie titles.

Unfortunately, if the release dates for 2019 remain, we may have another year filled with an onslaught of amazing titles that pull us away from an already wonderful game.

So, for 2019, while we have a small amount of breathing room, my first resolution is to stick with one game until completion. Not only will this approach allow me to appreciate each game without distraction, it might also help my bank account. Huzzah!

2. Only one competitive online game

There isn’t a real world return on video games, and as I’ve gotten older, I've realized that this rings true even more-so with online competitive games.

With singular story experiences there is a direct payoff for completing the game and a following sense of accomplishment. You can put the game away, delete it from your system’s memory and move on. With most online games, there is almost always something bringing you back; daily challenges, weekly challenges, new maps, etc.

I’m at a point where I mentally can’t handle more than one online multiplayer game. Trying to stay at the top of my game doesn’t work with the amount of time I have. So, there ya have it, I’m only sticking to ONE online competitive game for 2019.

The game of choice right now is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, for obvious reasons, it’s amazing.

3. Clean out my existing backlog

This ties in with number one - that because I buy every game that I know I’ll like, I’m never able to finish a game before I feel the desire to move on to the next new hotness.

No more! I’ve got a pretty solid backlog of Switch and PS4 games that certainly deserve a revisit. A few of the games I need to finish in my backlog are as follows:

Games To Finish.JPG

I wholly expect my friends to keep me accountable in finishing the games that have a Medium-to-high desire to finish. All the games on this list deserve my time, so it may be a while until I’m able to play a new game. However, Kingdom Hearts III is just around the corner, so who knows...

That’s it! Those are my three gaming resolutions for 2019. I’m not a big believer in resolutions, but it is fun to cap off an excellent year of gaming, and try to enforce change where you know you need it. What are your 2019 gaming resolutions? Let me know in the comments below!