BitCast is a weekly podcast that covers most things video games and pop culture. Each podcast typically features a brief run-through of the biggest news from the previous week, and one main topic. Sometimes the main topic is more speculative, other times it’s entirely focused on a new video game release. Episodes typically range from 30 minutes to an hour, and you’re able to listen or watch on your platform of choice.

The podcast is currently available on on iTunesGoogle Play, Spotify, and pretty much every other podcast service. Also, if video is more your thing, each episode is available on our Youtube channel or on the individual podcast pages listed below. The benefit of watching the podcast on Youtube is that you get to see our awkward mannerisms, and gameplay footage to match what we’re talking about. We highly encourage you to chime in with your own questions or thoughts about something related to the industry, because oftentimes, we’ll answer your questions or comments, on the show! We’re glad you found us! Now tune in, to talk about some stuff!